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Multi-disciplined filmmaker of the Steven Soderbergh/Robert Rodriguez school of filmmaking, I’ve by learnt by doing. Coming out of a design background, I started off in the edit bay mainly working in corporate video. What started off as simple cutting expanded into what I call “editing within the frame” – using packages such as After Effects and Nuke to combine performances and shots into something new. Over time I spread my wings out into Camera Operating and now Directing.

If you want to know more, have project I can help with or want just want to chat then please get in touch via the contact page or the button below.


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Just a quicky. I'm in the process of clearing up a little of clutter that's accumulated recently. Hence this nice new shiney website. My blog is still running and it's still a repository of my strange…

AudioShorts – New Episode

Click here for more episodes of  AudioShorts.  ” You know you remember something and it’s a certain way and in reality it’s not. Not really. We don’t really remember things like a camera…

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Here’s the link to my YouTube channel , a collection of the weird and wonderful including short films, animation, visuals, documentaries, promos, adverts, music performa…

Hello world!

Hey there. This is the all new website which is simply going to stay as minimal as possible and is part of my grand plan to better organise myself by using this website as a landing pag…


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