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 ” You know you remember something and it’s a certain way and in reality it’s not. Not really. We don’t really remember things like a camera… Humans I mean. More like we paint a picture in our heads and every time we visit the memory we smudge it a little until it’s no longer a memory. It’s just a dream. A lie.

And you think… If I can hold on to it… replay it, you can somehow keep that it alive.

But you can’t. All you’re doing is just putting your grubby little prints all over it. Making it unclean.  “

About this Episode of the AudioShorts.

A young man hell bent on revenge gets more than he bargained for in this violent Noir Thriller. You can read the original post here.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did in writing and narrating it. Listen to the end there’s a little afterward where I talk about the inspiration and what’s next for the Dairy and the AudioShorts.

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